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Welcome To Stinky's Fishing Charter!


Experience the wonders of the Lower French River

I've worked in the Aerospace industry for over 36 years as a CNC Machinist transitioning to a Project Manager over the past 15 years with my crowning achievement putting parts on Mars via the Curiosity Rover. I've always had a deep love of the outdoors Fishing and Hunting with my father and never lost the interest of what this beautiful Province of Ontario has to offer so come and join me to explore your next adventure.


Famous for Pickerel

The lower french River and the Pickerel River are notorious for producing this awesome tasty treat.

Loved by
Friends & Families

Stinky we have had a few trips out fishing and will do it again my friend.

Boone Chadwick


You'll have a blast

There's nothing like enjoying your surroundings and relaxing with the serenity of the Canadian Shield. I ensure you'll be satisfied relaxed and have a few laughs free of charge!!

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