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Thanks to all SFC customers for 2023

This year saw my PB 52" Musky.

Meghan's 50" PB Musky was impressive on Pike gear!!

Mikey's 50" Musky another great achievement.

Steffi and Heinrich thanks for sharing the day with SFC.

Thanks Wayne for using SFC for your trip.

Thanks for also using SFC for your fishing experience.

Thanks Clay Bev for joining the adventure it was an absolute blast having you come out.

The Grasses I thank you for your support over the years making the dream come true.

Thanks Marcello (The Ghost) for spending time with SFC.

A special shout out to Cedar Village for your continued support.

A special shout out also to Mike Asher for your support and guidance over the years it's greatly appreciated. This year also saw a new boat to enhance the fishing experience with SFC. Thank you Chuck Howell from Howell's Marine making dreams come true.

Meghan my love I send a special thank you for all the support you've given me over the years and being my fishing partner for life. I love you!!!

Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New year to all my clients. Tight lines and see you all again to share more great moments for 2024.

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