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Thanks to all my customers for 2023

David flew in from Phoenix and caught his biggest fish to date with this 42" Musky.

Maybe you'll be back to get a bigger fish in 2023??

Kevin almost 2 years and no Musky to catch 3 in back to back weekends. The first one this nice 37"

Less than 30 minutes from your first Musky you boat this 39" Musky.

Kevin's on a roll with this PB of 41" the weekend after.. Your a Musky nut now the pursuit for the 50" club is on!!!

Even I got this nice 41" Musky in the boat.

Meghan always finds the big lunkers she's got the touch.

Scott always a pleasure and a nice Pickerel to boot.

Tyler can't wait to see what you haul in the boat this year.

Andrews first Musky ever and biggest fish to date I'm certain he'll be back to increase his PB beyond 33"

Misty morning

Slice of heaven.

Can't wait until the start of the 2023 fishing season book your weekend early.

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