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Musky Opener zone 15 With Blue Collar Angling May 31st to June 5th.

Stinky's Fishing Charters was very happy to welcome the Blue Collar Angling team to the Pickerel River. The conditions weren't ideal as the weather was quite hot but we managed to

put 3 Muskies on the boat with a combined effort and expertise.

A special shout out to Blue Collar Angling for the extremely generous gift of this TranX 400HG reel for a future review of this product.

We caught this mid 20's Musky that destroyed my lure when it smashed it boat side right on the Musky opener.

Kevin smashed this monster 48.5" Musky tying his record fish. It was definitely a tough fish throwing hundreds of casts between both boats but it was a team win between with Blue Collar Angling to land this beauty.

Kevin also caught another Mid 20's Musky it's great to see these smaller Musky's in the river proving the fishery is healthy and strong for future generations to enjoying the out doors.

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