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Fishing Report Sept. 16th

Heinrich Neumann and his wife Steffi enjoyed a nice boat ride down to the Bad.. The surface water temps ranged from 67 to 71 degrees and the water levels are on the rise up about 1.5 - 2 feet from last weekend.

Steffi started off the group with this nice smallie Steffi definitely was the fish master for the start of this beautiful day.

Steffi was still catching the most of the fish and wasn't crazy about holding the fish but wait look what happens next.

Steffi said get out of my way I'm gonna hold that sucker!!!

Heinrich came on with a strong come back in the afternoon but they can tell the story about who was the victor as this battle for the lead raged back and forth...

I'd also like to add fishing is lots of fun and should be enjoyed like both Heinrich and Steffi did on their adventure. Being part of nature and enjoying the sights, breathing in the fresh air and just relaxing and laughing is the greatest medicine of all.

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