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Fishing Report August 25th to 27th

Wayne caught this very nice 31" Pike. We had an awesome weekend for fishing the weather was co-operating and beautiful temps in the mid to low 20's and the surface water temps ranged from 68-71 degrees.

Wayne caught a nice 16.5" Pickerel another nice eater. Look at that smile it says it all!!!

Adam caught this very nice 18.5" Smallie a feisty fish they are a blast to fish for.

Not the greatest picture but Adam also caught this very nice 18.5" Pickerel some nice fillets off this fish.

Clay got this very nice Smallie well deserved after a few misses but perseverance pays off look at that smile!!! "Clay Beave" There's a story behind the nick name only this group knows about.

Awesome Day Clay you were a ton of fun to be around enjoy the moment from your buddy Stinky.

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